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Fik y las Flores Molestas - Reggae Fusion Solo on Discrimine @Bulldozer Pub PD 22.04.23

Fik y las Flores Molestas - Reggae Fusion Solo on Discrimine @Bulldozer Pub PD 22.04.23

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Fik y las Flores Molestas - Red Hot Fusion Solo LIVE @Barabba PD

Fik y las Flores Molestas - Red Hot Fusion Solo LIVE @Barabba PD

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Fik y las Flores Molestas - Watermelon Man LIVE @Barabba

Fik y las Flores Molestas - Watermelon Man LIVE @Barabba

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Fik y las Flores Molestas - Born Under A Bad Sign LIVE @Barabba

Fik y las Flores Molestas - Born Under A Bad Sign LIVE @Barabba

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While the first leaves were starting to turn yellow, we started playing "Pissin'around" by Las Flores Molestas and, miracle, autumn suddenly became just a mirage. Merit of the Paduan band that with its load of colorful Latin jazz'n'roll made us forget the first cold of the season and embraced it with tropical rhythms and the sun of good music. This is a really well played album where you can hear, practically in every single harmonic passage, how much fun the band members had to record it. Take the second track, "Hakuna Matata!" and tell us if you too, roughly around 1.15, didn't feel an urge to get up from your armchair and start dancing in the living room.

Here, in our opinion, this fact of extreme sociality of Paduan music is perhaps their greatest merit: this is an album to be listened to in company, perhaps even better together with a group of friends or, why not, even among strangers who then in the end we always get to know each other.

After all, music also and above all serves to create bonds and "Pissin'around" is certainly an excellent help in doing this. Honorable mention then for the final track, "At the Station Intimate Version" which revealed to us a more romantic and tormented side of Las Flores Molestas, which we would love to explore in their next works.

Mattia Nesto - RockIt Magazine

"A Caisa Drum, a Stratocaster and an original idea of experimental music

I had some thoughts before listening, some waste from the day, but then during the dadaist tracklist of Play + Rec everything faded away. To really understand this duo, however, we must start from their idea of music and their instruments.

Stefano Cosi hits his Caisa Drum, a sort of Hang Drum, into which he inserts a ping pong ball if necessary. Then, in addition to recording his thunderous laughter, he plays the drums, a distorted cello, a Kalimba Sansula with the Wah Wah incorporated, an instrument that imitates the sound of the wind. Federico Ficarra instead takes up the Stratocaster electric guitar to which he adds various "Live Electronics" effects.

The result cannot be explained. You can only sit there, still, and listen. Stefano and Federico define their creations as experimental (definitely), rock (in the approach) and ambient (as instrumental songs without singing).

Some passages might recall samba, others Tibetan bells, still others are hypnotic. The fingers on the Caisa Drum seem to chase rhythms of ancestral tribes, while the other sounds enrich the atmosphere.

There is no more right or better time than another to press play on this album. Because there is always a thought to banish. Of course, if you want, you can crush Rec on your reactions."

Francesco Carrubba - RockIt Magazine


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Federico Ficarra is a guitarist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. He collaborates, alongside producer Luca Jacoboni Fosco17, with record promoter Marco Stanzani who collaborated with artists such as Pino Daniele, Lunapop, and Lucio Dalla.

Fik lived for 4 years in Berlin: he played (guitar and voice) in several very famous clubs such as the SO36 (David Bowie was cheered on by both the public and musicians to take the stage at the height of his Berlin period), the Insomnia-Nightclub, the Brunnen70, the Kit Kat Klub (Liza Minnelli, the venue where the Love Parade was born) where he led a festival from he designed called Karneval of Love, the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz, Hotels such as the Circus Hotel at Rosenthaler Platz. Jazz Clubs such as B-Flat, Waldo Bar, Ernst, Zosch, and Naked Jazz Festival were exported from New York to Berlin by drummer Eric Vaughn. He has been invited 2 times to play at the Yorckschlösschen Home of Jazz & Blues. The main newspaper Berliner Morgenpost dedicated an article to him with photos on the front and inside pages. In Berlin, he collaborated with Milo Lombardi, Charles Sammons, Lars Karlin, Roland Satterwhite, Pinar Tatlikazan, Seraphim Greno Bradel, Mike Basden, and others.

In Italy he played as a soloist for 2 years at the Ritz Hotel in Abano; in Venice 1 year at the Moresco Hotel and a few months at the Carlton Hotel on the Grand Canal, restaurant, and Top Of The Carlton Sky Lounge. With his band and other previous formations (blues and jazz) he has played in many venues in Padua (ex-Mame, current Parco della Musica, Caffè Pedrocchi, Palazzo Zuckermann, Osteria Barabba, Pedro, and many others), Venice (Hard Rock Cafè, Al Vapore, Forte Marghera, Paradiso Perduto...), Vicenza (Vinyl, Rive Jazz Club), other cities in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia (Trieste, Sofar Sound), Trentino, Lazio (Rome) and Lombardy. He has played in 2 editions of the Sherwood Festival (one as a soloist, one in a marching band) and other local festivals such as Yucca, Navigli, Oktoberfest, or Folk Festivals. In Italy, he collaborated with Glauco Benedetti (Jovanotti), Giovanni Perin, Giulio Tullio (Elio), Michele Uliana, Edoardo Brunella, Alessandro Brunetta, Stefano Cosi, Sergio Gonzo, Tommaso Piron, Amedeo Schiavon and many others.

In the past he studied theater acting, in particular comedy and impromptu, and worked with well-known directors and actors from the Teatro Verdi in Padua and the Teatro Piccolo in Milan: Lorenzo Maragoni and Giorgio Sangati. Fik obtained the Theory and Solfeggio License with Maestro S. Lanza, and 2 degree diplomas, one in "Computer Music and Sound Design" (in particular studying classical piano with Maestro G. Di Toma), the other recently in " Jazz guitar” studying with Masters M. Tonolo (jazz piano, arrangement), D. Santimone (guitar) and F. Angiuli (ensemble music, history), both with top marks at the Cesare Pollini Conservatory in Padua; here he created with Alvise Vidolin, Luigi Nono's sound director, an audio installation with binaural synthesis and motion capture that was greatly appreciated by Ennio Chiggio of the N Group of Padua. He was admitted to the Berklee College of Music summer courses at the highest level (IV), studying with Jon Damian and Jim Kelly at the Umbria Jazz Festival. At the Gershwin school in Padua, he attended a specialization course with the jazz singer Alessia Obino.


He reads on to hear Tolo Marton's critique of Fik!

Potsdamer Platz 2.jpg

Photography by Sven Lambert, Berliner Morgenpost

"When you realize that your foot is tapping the rhythm and you feel like singing it means that the music is entering your soul, Federico Ficarra is one of those performers who makes you feel these emotions..."

Andrea D’Addio - Berlino Cacio e Pepe
Federico Ficarra, in art Fik. Italia. Foto by Stefano Cosi.

Photography by Stefano Cosi

“His songs confirm the idea I have of his musical approach, imbued with a sensitivity free from particular influences. A lot of expressiveness and a relaxation that does not hurt. Basically he is a person who sees and plays music with his own perspective, whatever it is, and this is not only positive, but also rare these days.”

Tolo Marton is the greatest rock guitarist in Italy according to Repubblica.

Always him in reference to the album Pissin'around released in October 2020:

"It seems to me a very good album, different and with interesting insights!"

Marton collaborated with Ian Paice, Roger Glover, and Don Airey of Deep Purple and received the Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Festival Prize in Seattle (USA) directly from James Allen Hendrix, Jimi's father.

Federico Ficarra, in art Fik, playing guitar and singing at Vinile Club in Vicenza, Italia. Foto by Lucrezia Pegoraro.

Photography by Lucrezia Pegoraro

"The street is their stage. Passers-by and Metro travelers are their audience. Berlin's street musicians are anything but amateurs who want to collect their daily tip. Some like Federico attended a conservatory and played in large concert halls.
Berlin is for him just a way station. His plan is to go to the USA."

Lorenz Vossen - Berliner Morgenpost


Federico Ficarra playing guitar, Emanuelle Pecciarini playing drums and Fabio Barbaro playing bass. Fik y las Flores Molestas

          Emanuele Pecciarini

professional drummer, was born in Florence in 1998.

He began studying drums at the age of eight at the “F. Landini ”(FI) where he immediately distinguished himself for his abilities by winning a scholarship.

He continues his studies graduating from the "Lizard" academy and after that he begins an educational path at the "F. Venezze” in Rovigo which will conclude with the diploma in drums in 2021.

During the courses at the conservatory he has the opportunity to study with great masters such as Stefano Paolini, Ricky Roma, Pier Mingotti and participates in masterclasses with drummers of the caliber of Dave Weckl and Mark Guiliana.

In recent years he has carried out an important concert and studio recording activity with groups and artists of the caliber of: Edo (XFactor), Lamponi Di Piombo, Folk Solution Band, Fik y las Flores Molestas, In Diretta Nel Vento (official tribute band of the Pooh) and DeEsperanza.

Emanuele Pecciarini playing drums. Drummer of Fik y las Flores Molestas.

Photography by Stefano Cosi

          Alessandro Brunetta  

born in 1991, he began studying classical clarinet at the age of 7 and at 15 he discovered the blues, subsequently learning sax, piano and harmonica. Since 2009 he has been active in the concert scene in Italy and abroad.

He has played with Glincolti and Milanese bands such as Calibro 35 and Dente, with whom he has toured from Catania to Paris. Currently he plays with Al & Jay (also in Slovakia) and the StoneCrazy and HD Holden.

He often travels to Berlin, and London to play with the Emma Wilson Blues band in which Iggy Pop's drummer plays.

          Fabio Barbaro

electric bassist born in 1991, born under the sign of Rock but electrocuted on the road to Damascus by Jazz, he studied at the Gershwin Music School in Padua, at the Thelonious Monk Music School in Mira and at the Padua Conservatory with Masters such as Alessandro Fedrigo, Franco Testa, Giorgio Panagin and Marco Privato, and received private lessons from various professionals.

Lover of all musical genres, over the years he has played with various musical formations in Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Metal, Bossa Nova, Italian and Foreign Pop, Songwriting, Ethnic Music and Partenopean Music groups, playing in various clubs, hotels, events, restaurants, festivals and private parties.

Alessandro Brunetta playing saxophone, special guest of Fik y las Flores Molestas

Photography by Fabio di Lisa

Alessandro Brunetta playing blues harmonica, special guest of Fik y las Flores Molestas

Photography by Fabio di Lisa

Fabio Barbaro playing bass. Bassist of Fik y las Flores Molestas

Photography by Stefano Cosi

Fabio Barbaro playing bass. Bassist of Fik y las Flores Molestas

Photography by Stefano Cosi